curious matter :: glitch series

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interactive video installation

Korsaks Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art, Lutsk

unit 01 :: algorithms are watching you

description ::

You may have heard that we live in times of hacking computers, but it is not even a half-truth...

We live in an era of hacking human.

Through the course of human development, it was a safe play to rely on experience, traditions and the advice of parents. In the 21st century, we already passed the point when experienced adults had more chances to succeed than young people. The next generation has more flexibility to adapt to the world which rules are continually changing and what was true yesterday, is not reliable today, and for sure will not prepare you for tomorrow.

Biotechnology and machine learning are continually improving, and it is getting much easier to exploit people’s innermost desires and feelings. It becomes more dangerous to follow your heart when corporations and governments know which string to pull and what button to press making your inner voice say to you what they want. After passing the threshold of algorithms knowing you better than yourself, there will be almost nothing to regain control over your own behaviour. You will be living in a matrix.

Probably, you are perfectly fine with the algorithms taking care of your life and making decisions for you and the rest of the world. If so, relax and enjoy the ride. But if you are not, and want to retain some control over yourself and the life around you, you have to listen to the oldest advice in the book: know yourself. Coca-Cola, Facebook and governments are all in the race to hack your «operating system». You have to run faster than algorithms, you have to get to know how you are and what you want in life better than they do.

Analyse everything, be curious. 

unit 02 :: reinvention :: nefertiti

description ::

Humankind is facing the unprecedented revolution in history when our old stories are crumbling, and new ones are not matured enough to replace them. It was always difficult to predict the future, but now it is even harder because when technology makes it possible to engineer human bodies, brains and minds, everything which seemed to be certain and fixed for eternity will be no longer reliable.

So what is the most useful skill we need to acquire to be able to survive in the nearest future? Is it solving differential equations, communicating in Chinese or programming? All of these are great but could prove themselves absolutely useless when AI will do all of that much faster and more accurate.

To succeed in such an unpredictable world, you will need to reinvent yourself again and again. You will need to repeatedly let go of something you are professional in and feel comfortable with unknown. The most crucial life skills will include the ability to deal with change, to learn new things continually and maintain your mental health in unfamiliar situations.

Another important competence you better start mastering now is the ability to think and act interdisciplinary, transferring knowledge from one area to another which seemed to be incompatible at first. We have to look at familiar things from the new perspective and through the different prisms.

Reinvent yourself, constantly.

unit 03 :: your time

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Facebook :: You already know everything, just a reminder.






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**How much of useful information you actually get there?**

**How does it make you feel?**◊˝Ç˛ˇ„Ø˝ˆ¨∏°fi‡fi›°∏¨ÓÔÓÔÒ„Ï˛„ı˛ÔÒı˛Á„Ï؇flfi‹€‹‹€‹€›„fl„EUDYLV<>NÓÚÓÚÓ:::#propaganda:::ıÓÒÓÇıÍÓÎÒÎÓç¬˙…