curious matter :: act I — openness

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experience design // art installation

AkT, Kyiv

When the mass-mediated world and individual perceptions aren't allies, confusion is given - but we want you to look ahead. Keep being curious, and open up to hidden perspectives.

We are creating an interactive in-situ installation, where the audience has to go through weird-looking objects in a haptic experience, to activate spaces filled with lights.

Once the protocol is unveiled - which we keep unclear for the sake of exploration, the light spaces are on. They are revealed to have two sides, like any side of the truth - we invite the audience to go behind each to see the different moods.

A ground projection will help the audience understand the location of the installation, and the degree of what they are doing and their progression, as the captors, present in the objects, are deliberately ambiguous.

Now step out of your boundaries, reach out for the messy, and dissolve it into love.



Roman Trilo (UA) — Creative Direction
Kien Fam Chung (UA/VN) — Conception, Management Virginie Tan (FR) — Conception, Motion Design Oleksii Kryvoruchko (UA) — Sound Design, Assistance Yaroslav Stasyuk (UA) — Programming
Eugene Mikitka (UA) — Video Production
Dmytro Kyrylovets (UA) — Video Production

Special Thanks to:
Dmitriy Merzlikin
Eva Berezovska
Oleh and Olga Klesman
Spartak Velishaiev
AkT (Alice Yakubovich, Marich Diakova, Mariia Savrun)

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